How it works

1. Join in

Register by clicking on “Register”, fill in the required data, accept the rules and pay the minimum 20 zł of the initial fee. One minute and you may use the city bikes on 24/7 basis.

2. Rent

Go to the terminal, press “Rent” and PIN and follow the instructions on the screen. The bike you have chosen is released automatically. If you’re secured with a cable lock – unlock it with the code provided. Enjoy your ride!

3. Return the bicycle

You do not have to go to the terminal. All you need to do is to walk your bike into the electric lock. Don’t worry – the sound signal indicates you have returned the bike. In order to ensure that the return has been successfully completed, verify it on your user account. If there is no stationary locks available at the given station, use the cable lock provided to attach your bike to any loop on the rack. or any other bicycle and change the numbers on the lock. In such case, proceed to the terminal, press “Return” and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Use

Use city bikes whenever you like. From the beginning of April to the end of November city bikes are available on a 24/7 basis

Pogoda w Michałowicach

today, monday, 12 April 2021



Ciśnienie 1017 hPa,
wind 2.65 km/h







Najczesciej zadawane pytania

At the terminal, add the Resident Card (Karta Mieszkańca Gminy Michałowice) to your Rower Gminny account. Log in by entering the phone number and PIN. Place the RFID card at the card reader (under the screen), after a few seconds the card will be assigned. Once assigned, the card activates discount. Remeber: Discount available only for bike rentals dedicated for system.

You should select the option of Registration on the website and fill out the registration form. In order to activate the account you should make the initial payment in the minimum amount of 10 PLN. As soon as the amount reaches the account- it will become active, enabling rental of bikes.

All you need to do is approach the terminal, press the button of “Rental/Return” and follow the instructions displayed on the terminal. The bike will be automatically released from the electric lock. When the bike is secured with a clamp it must be released by means of a 4-digit code. The code appears on the terminal upon rental as well as within the mobile application. The code to the clamp may be obtained also by contacting the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13. Bikes may also be rented through the use of mobile application or by contacting the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13.

Enter the bike in to rack, attach it using the links and shuffle the numbers in the code lock. Then the approaches to the terminal, press "Return" and follow the instructions on the display.

In case when the return of your bike is not possible through electric lock (i.e. closed station or lack of free bike stand) secure the bike with the clamp. Open the clamp with a code obtained upon rental, connect the bike with another bike's handle or with a fixed element of the station. Then, lock the clamp and shuffle the digits. Remember that a bike returned in such a way must be returned within the system also. In order to do so, approach the terminal and press Rental/Return. Follow the instructions displayed on the terminal screen. Bike connected in such a way may be retuned via mobile app or through contacting the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13. If you forgot the code to the clamp, check it in the mobile application or contact the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13

To be certain, we recommend verifying your rental status by means of mobile application of Nextbike or by logging on your account through the website as well as by contacting the contact center.

We will be grateful for passing information with a number of the problematic station or bike through mobile application, email message to the address of Customer Service Office or through contacting the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13. Our team will undertake steps to remove any potential failures as soon as possible. Our employees monitor the status of the system 24 hours a day, while such submissions allow us to react even faster.

Of course, you may pay at the terminal via payment card. Terminals are equipped in a proximity payment module.

0-15 min 0 PLN
16-60 min 0 PLN
second hour 0 PLN
up to 12 hours 0 PLN
from 12 each subsequent hour 10 PLN
Initial fee* 10 PLN

After logging in to your profile on in the tab “Top up your account” select one of the payment methods: blik, payment card or online transfer. NOTICE: In case of selecting payment method in the form of a transfer, Your transfer title is dedicated to You and is crucial for correct booking of your payment.

You can connect a credit card with a registered account. In order to do this contact the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13 or add a card at the terminal at the time when your account status is lower than 10 PLN.

You can rent a maximum of 4 bikes at once on one account. For each bike separately the system calculates the rental time, thus you do not need to return them all at the same time. In case of non-standard rentals, i.e. Group rentals, please contact us on the email address:

This means that the system was unable to charge the funds from the card. The reasons for this may vary; either a card lock or lack of funds on the account.

Most likely there is less than 10 PLN at present on your account. Remember that each account is active only subject to a minimum amount of 10 PLN being on it or having a credit card connected to it. Due to this provision within the Terms of Service, the Operator recommends topping up your account with a higher amount than 10PLN-i.e. 20 or 30 PLN.

First of all, do not get upset. If an amount which the system calculated for your bike rental does not correspond with the factual state-just submit a complaint by sending a message to the address …. We have a maximum of 14 days to consider it but we will strive to respond to it as quickly as we can. If post our verification it turns out that the system made an error, we will reimburse the entire, incorrectly calculated sum.

You can rent a maximum of 4 bikes at once on one account. For each bike separately the system calculates the rental time, thus you do not need to return them all at the same time. In case of non-standard rentals, i.e. Group rentals, please contact us on the email address:

In case of problems with performing any operation at the terminal, please contact our Customer Office. You will be able to conduct any selected by you operation swiftly and efficiently. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day under the telephone number +48 22 244 13 13.

The login sites, registration site and “My account” are coded via SSL, which is visible through the link upon entering each of these sites. Websites which launch Nextbike API application are additionally encoded but they function in the iframe mode thus it is not visible within the address tab. Moreover, encoding of the entire service is switched on and set as default. We thus guarantee that the use of our website is 100% safe at each stage.

The lamp switches on automatically post placing the bike in motion. All you need to do then is to keep pedalling and the lamp will light your way.

In case of a bike theft made during use, the lessee must immediately inform the Customer Office of this fact.

Our systems are compatible, registering in one of them enables bike rentals in all cities in Poland and worldwide where Nextbike is the Operator. It is worth to remember that each of the systems is characterized by its own price list and Terms of Service.

Of course, through the application you can rent a bike locked in the electric lock as well as one secured by means of the clamp. If you wish to rent a bike by means of the application you may select two options: entering its number in the application or scanning the QR code. The bike secured with electric lock will be automatically released if it is secured with a clamp the code to the clamp will be displayed in your mobile application.

Another bike may be rented straight away. If however you would like to rent the same bike-wait 3 minutes.

Normally, during identification the request to enter a credit card number should not appear. Such a situation may occur if, for example, you enter an incorrect telephone number and the terminal will identify you as a new user who does not have the funds. The terminal asks for indication of credit card number also in a situation when there is less than 10PLN on the account. It is best if you try once more to enter your data correctly in order to log in or else, contact the contact center at +48 22 244 13 13.

Nextbike relocation teams transport the bikes 24 hours a day in order to fill out the shortages on stations on an ongoing basis, however, we are not able to guarantee, especially during rash hours, that bikes will always be available at each station.

We can declare that Municipal Bike operator will strive to develop the system and expand it with sponsored/patronage stations created in cooperation with local companies.


Wydłuż bezpłatny czas użytkowania - dopisz Kartę Mieszkańca do swojego konta systemu Roweru Gminnego w Michałowicach. Zniżka dostępna tylko przy wypożyczeniach rowerów dedykowanych dla systemu.

Raz przypisana karta aktywuję ulgę.