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Michałowice Municipality

Municipal Bike is an alternative means of transport, enabling fast commuting around Our Municipality. „Municipal Bike” in Michałowice – 6 stations and 55 bikes

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Leader in delivering and handling self-service city bikes rental locations. It launched its business in 2011 under the licence of Nextbike GmbH, a German company existing from 2004, present on 4 continents in 23 countries and over 100 cities. A single registration with Nextbike system allows for using a fleet of 35.000 bikes around the world. The system is available – among others – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Latvia and New Zealand and from this year also in the UK, Hungary and Bulgaria. Nextbike bicycles can be rented on 24/7 basis from early spring to the end of autumn, with rental fees charged according to local tariffs. At present, the Company operates a fleet of 10 391 bikes in Poland, with 887 stations, a professional call-centre and service in every city within the network.